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For Professionals

Thank you for your interest in the services of Altitude Anesthesia Group. We have found that it is helpful for you and your staff to meet with one of our anesthesiologists to discuss the basics of office-based anesthesia and how we can work together to accommodate your office’s anesthesia needs. 

We will contact the patient or representatives of the patient prior to the day of treatment to review their health history, go over pre-op instructions, explain the anesthesia experience, and answer any questions.

Unlike when contracting with a nurse or physician anesthesia provider, a separate office inspection is NOT needed prior to the administration of anesthesia in your office. This is because our anesthesiologist’s equipment and permit travel with them and satisfy the Colorado Dental Board requirements. See Colorado Dental Rule XIV.L.3,4 (3 CCR 709-1 Rules and Regulations page 37, We do require that your office provides at minimum two (2) full oxygen tanks (E cylinder or larger).

We certify to you that appropriate and functional monitoring equipment will be used during the administration of anesthesia. We also certify that all doctors have completed and maintained clinical license certification and carry an active malpractice policy.

We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your interest. Please contact our office with any questions.

Rocky Mountain Aneshtesia Group


At the beginning of this year we tried to become the first ambulatory anesthesia practice in Colorado to accept private dental insurance. This quickly became cost prohibitive as each insurance required our group to be credentialed at the specific office where services were rendered. However, we are willing to work with the offices we provided care at by being credentialed through the office and then have billing through the office. Obviously, the office which be compensated for taking on this responsibility. Contact Dr. Zach for more details.